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HR Vision

HR is a Dynamic, Pro-Active & Strategic Business Partner to enable BEML to maintain its leadership position in all its Business Domains.

HR Mission

  • To continuously innovate, evaluate and realign HR practices with the environment, business strategies / directions and employee expectations to maintain relevance and to attract, nurture and retain talent.
  • To foster a spirit of creativity and innovation amongst the employees by facilitating creation of a rewarding, inspiring and motivational organizational climate.
  • To act as a champion of change and managing the people implication of organizational changes.                                                                                                                                                                              ​

HR Strategies

  • Align all HR activities with the Organisation’s Business Strategies
    • Lead and manage organizational changes
    • Institutionalization of competency based HR Systems / Processes
    • Building Employee commitment
    • Building Enabling systems
  • Employee Empowerment
    • Build ownership
    • Recognition of ideas
    • Enabling Managers to take decisions within the policy framework
    • Provide feedback and resolve issue
  • Develop Leadership Capability
    • Identifying critical leadership competencies
    • Creating a context for leadership development
    • Developmental coaching and performance feedback
    • Nurture leadership talent
    • Put in place development systems, succession plans, training, programmes and projects, mentoring opportunities and management review teams
  • Manage Attrition and Retention of Key Personnel
    • Differential reward policy
    • Creation of a performance culture for nurturing key talents
    • Identifying next generation leaders
    • Career development programme
    • Building leadership commitment
    • Encouragement to exemplary employees
    • Increase in variable pay component based on performance
  • Efficient and Effective Service Delivery
    • Ensure efficient & effective service delivery
    • Standardization and simplification of HR processes & systems
    • Automation of routine services (e-HR Services)
    • Connect to employees & customers value propositions
    • Outsourcing
    • Cost Reduction / Optimization
  • Develop Proactive Strategies on Employee Relations
    • Fostering a culture of Discipline & Managing Discipline
    • Proactive Industrial Relations (IR) Management
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

For further details, please contact:

Human Resources Department
BEML Limited,
BEML Soudha,
23/1, 4th Main, SR Nagar,
Bengaluru - 560 027.
Karnataka, India.

+91 80 22963102