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R & D

R&D activities were started in KGF & Bangalore divisions during mid 70’s and at Mysore during mid 80’s. The initial focus was on Technology absorption and indigenisation. Subsequently products and aggregates were taken up for design and development.

Fully equipped R&D Centre with facilities for design, simulation and testing was established in 1984 at KGF with an investment of INR 50 crores and further upgraded over the years, and is one of the biggest development centres in India. R&D Centres at KGF, Mysore & Bangalore are recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, GoI. This Centre is making vital contribution towards strengthening the Earthmover and related industries in the country. R&D Division is equipped with CAD Centre and dedicated Laboratories in the areas of Fluid Power, Power Train, Structural Engineering and Material Science.

R&D division is manned by highly qualified engineers with specialisation in advanced fields of mechanical design, engine technology, structural engineering, material science, fluid power and electronics and have gained significant experience and technical knowhow in design and development of complete machinery as well as the aggregates.


BEML Limited will build the future business around its core competencies in high tech engineering products for Mining & Construction, Rail & Metro, Defence and chosen areas by developing competency, upgrading technology, innovating and adding value with in-house R&D efforts aiming towards self-reliance.


The R&D policy is

  • Development of new products & technologies for entering new / existing markets
  • Up-gradation of existing products with state-of-the-art features
  • Continuously enhance the quality and reliability of the products
  • Up-grade the products to meet regulatory requirements
  • Promote energy saving devices and environment friendly technologies
  • Continuously up-grade products  to enhance safety features


  • Design & Development of new products / continuous up-gradation of existing products and aggregates in line with the customer feedback / innovation.
  • Provide sound technological base to the company.
  • Identification of new products/aggregates for design and development by scanning technological innovations, to meet the strategic needs of the customers.
  • Acquire technologies through Technology transfer or in-house development
  • Digital design & evaluation of products and aggregates
  • Indigenization of products and aggregates.
  • Establish, maintain and upgrade test facilities for evaluation of performance and reliability of equipment and aggregates.
  • Patenting and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Structured evaluation of benefits derived through R&D activities.
  • Keeping pace with technological development by continuous interaction with other R&Ds and technical institutes at national and international levels, DSIR / DRDO laboratories & user industries.
  • Planning & imparting training to R&D engineers in the areas of new technologies to upgrade their skill sets

Products Developed by In-House R&D

Mining & Construction (Surface Eqpt.)
  • Dump Trucks : 35t to 205t capacity (Model: BH35-2, BH40, BH60M, BH70, BH85-1, BH100, BH150E & BH205E)
  • Water Sprinklers : 28kl to 70kl with mist system (Model: WS28-2 & WS70)
  • Excavators : 7 t to 180t ( Model: BE75, BE100, BE200, BE220, BE300, BE450, BE700, BE1000, BE1250, BE1600, BE1800E & BE1800D)
  • Dozers : 90 hp to 860hp (Model: BD50 HST , BD65-1, BD85, BD155-A/P/E versions, BD355 E/P/A/T versions, BD355-1 CLSS & BD475-1)
  • Motor Grader : 10ft to 16ft Blade (Model: BG405A, BG605I , BG605A & BG825)
  • Pipe Layer : 41 t to  100 t (Model: BP41, BP70 & BP100)
  • Wheel Dozers :  145 to 340hp (Model: BD14W & BD30W)
  • Tyre Handler  :  145hp (Model: BL14TH)
  • Wheel Loaders : 130 to 340 hp (Model: BL200-1 & BL40)
  • Bach Hoe Loaders: 76 to 100 hp (Model: BL9H 4X2, BL9H 4X4 & BL120H)
  • Technology Demonstrator Products :
    • Remote Controlled Dozer on BD50 & BD155
    • Disaster Management versions of BE300
Mining & Construction (Underground Mining Eqpt.)
  • 1.1 cu.m. Bucket Capacity Side Discharge Loader (Model: BL-10C)
  • 1.1 cu.m. Side Discharge Loader with Cable Reeler Drum (Model: BL-10C CRD)
  • 0.65 cu.m. Side Discharge Loader with Side Tipping Bucket
  • Load Haul Dumper with 1.5 cu.m. Push Plate Bucket (Model: BL15 LHD-1)
  • 5 t, 5.4 t & 7.5t Granby Car
  • 4 t& 12 t Battery Operated Locomotives (FLP / Non FLP) (Model: BU4F & BU12F)
Axle Technology
  • Planetary Axles for 100 to 450hp class Loaders
  • Planetary Rear Axles with wet multiple disc brakes for 35 to 100t Dumpers
  • Planetary Rear Axles with Integral Parking Brake
  • Front Axle with wet multiple disc brakes for 100t class Dumpers
  • Final drive & Tandem drive with differential lock up for 173hp class Motor Grader
Transmission Technology
  • Planetary powershift transmission for 230hp class Dozer
  • Proportional Control Valve for Dozer Transmissions
  • Planetary Automatic Transmissions for 35 to 100t class Dumpers
  • 420hp Loader Transmission with Electro-Hydraulic Control

Electronics and Automation applications on Products

Vehicle health monitoring,increased productivity,compliance to safety standards will require extensive use of sensors and electronics on equipment and dedicated team of engineers and electricians is focusing on automation projects.

The Products developed by Electronics Group are 

  • Unified Electronic Controller for transmission, pay load monitoring, vehicle health monitoring
  • Multi-Functional Vehicle Data Recorder
  • Radio Control Dozer
  • Portable Equipment Weighing System
  • Transmission Controller
  • Programmable Digital display with diagnostics & data storage
  • Payload monitoring system.

 Patents Granted due to R&D efforts

  • Field programmable gate array module based Unified Electronic Controller for offhighway dump truck
  • New GMAW / CO2 welding process improvement for better weld quality & mechanical strength
  • Multi-Functional vehicle data recorder
  • Forged Design Tooth Point for Backhoe Loader
  • Tooth Point for Walking Dragline Buckets

 Awards for R&D Excellence

  • CII Award - Excellence In Technology in the year 1986-87
  • DSIR Award - Outstanding R&D Achievements in the year 1990- 91
  • SEI Award - Company Standardisation in the year 1990, 1992 & 1995
  • SODET Award for Design of 35t class Dumper Transmission  in the year  2009
  • Best Engineering Marvel for Self-Reliance, Engineering Excellence Public Choice Award &  Best Engineering Marvel of the Year for BH150E Dumper in the year 2013
  • Innovation Award from NRDC for Generic Electronic Modulation Transmission Control System in the year  2013
  • RakshaMantri Award for Design effort for BE1800E electrical excavator in the year2017.

CAD Centre 

  • UG-NX, Pro-E, Autodesk Inventor Professional, Solidworks software packages for 3D modelling.
  • ANSYS for FEM Analysis and Optimisation.
  • ADAMS for Kinematics and motion Analysis of systems.
  • AutoCAD for 2D drafting.
  • UltraArc Robot Offline Programming Simulation for Arc Welding application.
  • Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio (Basic, C++,FoxPro)  for application software Development.
  • Adobe CS suit and Adobe Acrobat editing tools.
In-House Developed Software
  • BemlKam: Nesting of drawing profiles & production scheduling for CNC machines at Plate shop.
  • Pipe bending: To create automated production drawings of pipes by a novice user.
  • Gear design: Gear geometry for Internal and External Spur and Helical Gear pair. Contact & Bending Stress for Spur and Helical Gear pair. Addendum modification coefficient. Gear Inspection parameter.
  • Vehicle Performance Simulation: Predicts vehicle performance for varying operating condition.
  • Library management Software: Library management through interactive user friendly screen.
  • TC Match: Torque Converter Performance Prediction Software

Test Facilities

Laboratories are operated according to quality systems conforming to ISO/IEC 17025 Standards and are accredited by NABL for Mechanical calibration, Fluid flow calibration and Mechanical testing, chemical testing, ROPS /FOPS testing and Fatigue testing of structures.

Fluid Power Laboratory
  • Pump test rig - Max. pr. 350 kg/cm2
  • Motor test rig - Max. pr. 350 kg/cm2
  • Control valve test facility - Max. pr.350 kg/cm2
  • Hydraulic cylinder test facility - 350 kg/cm2
  • Hose test facility-Max. pro 350 kg/cm2
Powerline Laboratory

Powerline Laboratory was established by BEML at its R&D centre in KGF,in 1989.It has extensive facilities for evaluating transmissions,axles,torque converters and other gear drives.The following test rigs are available :

  • Axle/ Transaxle Testing from power range of 50 - 1200 kW
  • Transmission Testing from power range of 50 - 900 kW
  • Engine Testing
  • Spur & Helical Gear Testing
  • Clutch & Brake Test Rig
  • Calibration Services
Structural Engineering Laboratory 

The structural engineering laboratory established in 1987 is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in fatigue testing, experimental stress analysis using strain gauge technique. The laboratory is involved in testing, evaluation and validation of structural components.

The following facilities are available :

Fatigue Testing 

This laboratory is equipped with computer controlled servo hydraulic fatigue testing system to carryout fatigue test on various structural components. The tests are conducted using linear actuators of ± 500kN capacity and using rotary actuators of ± 16kNm on a specially built strong floor of size 10m x 20m.

Material Science Laboratory

The Material Science laboratory was set up in 1987 for testing and analysis of materials to aid chemical, mechanical and micro structure studies. The following facilities are available

  • Atomic absorption Spectrometer for determination of Ferrous material chemistry (up to 43 elements)
  • Analysis of chemical composition of metals and non-metals
  • Evaluation of mechanical properties of metals and non-metals
  • Material micro structure study
Vehicle Testing Group 

Dedicated team for performance and durability evaluation of equipment has been formed and is equipped with facilities for carrying out test as per relevant National and International standards.

For further details, please contact:

Mr. Sekar V
CGM – R&D (Mining & Construction)
KGF Complex, BEML Nagar,
Kolar Gold Fields - 563 115.
Karnataka, India.

+91 8153 263228