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EM Division

  • Test Tract facilities for testing wheeled and armoured equipments
  • Fabrication shop upto 20 Ton capacity

H&P Division

  • Transmission Shop
  • Hydraulic Shop
  • CNC Turn Mill Center
  • CNC Turning Centers
  • Horizontal Machining Centers
  • CNC Grinding Machines
  • Gear Grinding Machines
  • Internal Grinding Machines
  • CNC Bevel Gear Generator
  • Vertical Machining Center
  • CNC Drilling Machine
  • Gear Shaping Machine
  • Heat Treatment facility
  • Transmission testing facility
  • Fabrication shop

Truck Division

  • Circumferential & Long Seam Welding fixtures
  • Longitudinal  & Cirseam welding-Sec. IV
  • CNC wire cutting machine
  • 3 axis CNC machine
  • 5 axis machining centre
  • Elastomeric press

Palakkad Complex

  • The green field project at Palakkad, Kerala was put on stream on 16th May 2010. The unit was set up in a record time of less than 6 months with an outlay of Rs 260 crores. This unit was established with the view of meeting the surging demand of passenger coaches by Indian Railways, besides, manufacture, assembly and supply of Defence Products. Major customers include Ministry of Defence, DRDO, BEL, BDL, RDE, VRDE, Indian Railways, etc. The unit has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Palakkad complex has so far supplied over 300 Rail coach Shells, 700 Bogie Frames, under frames, End Blocks and Bogies for Delhi Metro cars and over 800 BEML TATRA Defence Trucks.
  • The Unit has 2 main assembly Hangars. One Machine shop and one Shot blasting/painting Hangar. The unit employees around 500 persons and currently has a capacity to manufacture 300 Rail Coach Shells annually. Palakkad Complex at present manufactures the Under Frame Blocks & Bogies for the Delhi Metro RS 10 Project. The unit has a World Class Metro Bogie Assembly line consisting CNC Wheel Turning lathe, CNC Controlled Rail Wheel Axle Pressing unit, Dust Free Room for Axle bearing Assembly and Bogie Load Testing Machine.
  • BEML has successfully indigenized all the Major Components of the Transmission and differential System of TATRA Defence trucks and has a well established state of art assembly facility at Palakkad Complex. The unit has a Test track with features like Sand Track, Corrugated Tracks, Trench crossing, Vertical Climbing step, Brake Testing Ramp & Fording Test Facility for the extensive testing of Defence Trucks. The unit has the capability to Assemble, Test and delivers 400 Defence trucks annually.
  • With the current capability the unit is pursuing the manufacture of DEMUs & LHB Coaches.
Facilities available
  • Assembly Hangars for Rail Coaches and Defence trucks.
  • Assembly line for Metro and Broad gauge bogies.
  • Machine shop, Shot Blasting & paint booth for rail coaches & defence trucks.
  • Machineries: - CNC Plasma cutting, CNC Flame cutting, CNC wheel turning lathe, CNC wheel press for Rail wheel and axles, 60 ton bogie load testing machine. 
Testing facilities available :
  • Parking Brake Ramp 20 Deg
  • Sand Test Track
  • Articulation Test Track
  • Trench Crossing 2000mm Width
  • Corrugated Track 100mm Height
  • Step Climbing Test 600mm Height
  • Water Fording Test 1.2 Meter
  • Cross Country Terrain
  • Shower Test – 2 Bar Pressure
  • Winch Load Test With Load Cell (12 Kn)
  • Ballast Weights – 12 Ton For Load Test
  • Weigh Bridge – 40 Ton
  • TCD Test Track

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