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Aircraft Towing Tractor (ATT)
  • Aircraft Towing Tractor is indigenously developed equipment having compact and low profile design which enables the machine move under the fuselage of wide body aircraft for push out and dock-in operations. It can also be adopted for towing heavy duty trailers.
  • 3 variants of ATT are available to pull the aircraft weighing upto 300 tons. An ATT with inbuilt 40 KVA, GPU is specifically designed and developed for military applications.
Section IV & V for Akash Missile Systems
Ground Handling And Ground Support Equipment
  • BEML with its existing manufacturing facility has delivered ground handling and ground support equipment for various requirements of prominent customers like HAL, IAF, and BRDs etc. Till date, BEML has delivered various GHE / GSE like Towbar, Aircraft Lifting sling, Aircraft Over wing Platform, Trolleys, radar handling and protection equipment etc. With its existing capability, BEML can also deliver customized towbar  design  solutions  for  various  aircraft requirements.
Crash Fire Tenders (CFT)
  • The Crash Fire Tender is used for extinguishing fire in the event of air-crash. The CFT is designed with special features required for emergency applications. The CFT vehicle is provided with centralized tyre inflation / deflation system inside the cabin which enables inflation / deflation of tyres depending on terrain conditions.
    • All wheel drive for maximum traction.
    • High capacity corrosion resistant rigid tank
    • Forward protection spray nozzles
    • Provision for auxiliary Fire Fighting Equipment.
Aircraft Weapon Loader (AWL)
  • Aircraft Weapon Loader is manufactured by BEML for the use of Indian Air force. This versatile design can even be used for towing of small aircrafts on tarmac. AWL has a maximum lifting capacity of 1000 Kg.
    • Brake Horse Power of 27.6 Kw @ 5000 RPM
    • Hydrostatic drive power transmission
    • Orbitrol — power steering
    • Easy accessibility for maintenance and service
Jigs & Fixtures - Slat Jig
  • The jig used for assembly of the wing slat for SU 30 was manufactured at BEML. This jig is one of the complicated jigs of the SU 30 aircraft structure building. The jig has been successfully commissioned and proven at HAL, Nasik Division. The jig is 5200mm in length, 2000 mm in height and 1100mm in width. The Jig has 12 locators on top, 12 locators in bottom and 6 E-locators. The manufacture of jigs involved conventional machining operations, CNC milling and accurate jig setting.
  • BEML being a pioneer in manufacturing of transmission assemblies, final drive and hydraulic systems for earth moving equipments, has the core competence of gear manufacturing and precision hydraulic assembly.  The variety of machinery and skill sets available in this domain as paved way for BEML Aerospace manufacturing division to manufacture gears for helicopter requirements. Aerospace Manufacturing Division has taken up manufacture of gears for Advanced Light Helicopter, Cheetha and Chetak helicopters of HAL, India.

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